Adult Tooth Decay

As we age, our teeth can wear down and gums may recede giving way to a breeding ground for bacteria resulting in adult tooth decay.

Preventing Adult Tooth Decay

When you are aware of the causes of adult tooth decay, you have the power to practice preventative oral health care.

  • Brushing your teeth is important. If you’re not brushing soon after meals, you allow plaque to form and tooth decay can follow.
  • Pay particular attention to the back teeth. With all the grooves and pits and crannies in our back teeth, it’s easy to allow food particles to collect, remain and cause tooth decay.
  • Frequent and daily intake of snacks and certain beverages can allow acid to sit on your teeth all day, eating away at the protective enamel. Cut down on snacking and sipping while flossing and brushing more frequently.
  • Dry mouth can starve your mouth of the necessary benefits of natural saliva, allowing plaque to form and rapid tooth decay. Drink plenty of water and see your dentist for dry mouth solutions.
  • If your gums are swollen, tender or bleeding you must visit a dental hygienist immediately. You may simply need a deep cleaning. If you’ve allowed the situation to fester too long, you may need periodontal gum surgery. Don’t let it come to this!  Have a professional tooth cleaning at least twice annually.

Fixing Adult Tooth Decay

Don’t wait until a dental emergency to call your dentist. To prevent tooth decay or if adult tooth decay has affected your oral health, contact My Tooth Docs in Naperville and South Holland for a consultation. Adult tooth decay can be serious and can result in chipped, broken or missing teeth. You can easily tell if your teeth or gums are experiencing a change.

My Tooth Docs has been specializing in adult dentistry as part of their services and can help you prevent most serious oral health problems. If your oral health has suffered deterioration due to adult tooth decay, our team of professionals will get your teeth and gums back into shape with no discomfort to you. Using state-of-the-art dentistry, My Tooth Docs has solved some of the most serious dental issues in a relaxing and caring atmosphere.

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